Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

Blogger’s Brand New Google+ Page

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Earlier this week, the Google+ team launched Pages, a new way for you to keep up-to-date with your interests and build relationships with the people who share them. Today, the Blogger team is launching our own Google+ Page, and we’d like to invite you to add us to one of your circles

By adding Blogger's Page in one of your circles, you'll start seeing updates from the Blogger team in your Google+stream. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with other bloggers by writing comments on the posts. Here's a quick list of what to expect: 

Product news and announcements
Video Hangouts with the Blogger team
Spotlights on Blogger users and their blogs
Pro tips from the Blogger team and other usersLastly, be sure to mention +Blogger when you share your own tips -- if we come across something particularly helpful, we may reshare it. See you on Google+! Posted by Lisa Ding, Community Manager 

Posted 10th November by A Googler
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