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    YouTube_Downloader_3.0 → Internet Software

    YouTube Downloader is the best YouTube Downloader tools, it provide an easy and completed way to grab/rip and save desired youtube video to your local computer with FAST speed.
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    FreeZ_Online_TV_1 → Video Software

    While we love the idea of free TV (who doesn't?), it never seems to be quite what we hoped. FreeZ Online TV is no exception. The channel selection is unimpressive and user guidance is nonexistent.
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    CCleaner_3.01 → Utilities

    The freeware CCleaner hasn't seen many major revisions since Piriform launched it in 2004, so when you do see a major update, you can be assured that it's going to come with impressive new tools. CCleaner 3 doesn't disappoint on that front, introducing two major new features that make it worth the upgrade.
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    Size: 8.1 MB

    Freemake_Video_Downloader_2.0 → Video Software

    Freemake Video Downloader is a free video ripping application which downloads online videos from Youtube, Facebook, Hulu, ComedyCentral, Dailymotion, MTV, Vimeo, plus forty similar websites more. The program is absolutely free and doesn't contain any adware or sneakware. Freemake Video Downloader is the fastest ever utility to grab online videos in any format available, extract original audio tracks without any quality loss, or convert videos to a certain video/audio format like AVI, MP3, MKV, or for portable devices, such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP and Android.
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    Free_Alarm_Clock_2.0 → Utilities

    If you need alarm clock software for Windows, this is the software you are looking for. Free Alarm Clock supports unlimited number of alarms so that you are not restricted to the number of alarms you can have. Alarms that you set will sound even if computer goes to sleep. While your PC is sleeping and the time comes to activate your alarm, Free Alarm Clock will wake your PC up. The alarm clock can remind you about important events by playing your favorite music and showing a notification message. You can set alarm volume level to a comfortable level depending on the time of the day.
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    Magix_PC_Check_&_Tuning_Free_2011 → Utilities

    MAGIX PC Check & Tuning Free is the easiest solution for optimizing and accelerating your PC. Speed and stability - the heart's desire of every user. Now MAGIX PC Check & Tuning is the genie granting that wish. Computers, like all devices tend to slow down after extended use, even the ones with the best hardware need maintenance. PC Check & Tuning free will return your home computer back to its original operation speed, just like it was when you took it out of the box
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    Size: 17.5 MB

    Free_YouTube_to_MP3_Converter_3.9 → Video Software

    The minor quibbles we have with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter have nothing to do with its functionality. This effective freeware is ready to go right out of the box, but can be easily customized by the user.
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    Size: 16.5 MB

    PhotoScape_3 → Graphic Design Software

    Add another name to the roster of feature-rich freeware image editors: PhotoScape. Although it eats and leaks about as much memory as Firefox, this editor is perfect for those making the jump between JPEG and am-pro dSLR work.
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    Size: 8.4 MB

    Advanced_SystemCare_Free_3.7 → Utilities

    This utility offers a one-stop-shop for cleaning and maintaining your computer for better overall system performance. The interface is very simple, featuring only a few buttons, which makes it easy to get down to cleaning immediately (in fact, it automatically runs on start-up) and doesn't confuse you with multiple steps.
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    Size: 7.7 MB

    VDownloader_3.0 → Internet Software

    Despite the lack of user guidance, this video-file downloader is easy to set up and use. VDownloader's interface is on the plain side and no Help file is offered, but it shouldn't take most users long to get the hang of downloading videos from their favorite sites.
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    Size: 3.0 MB

    TeamViewer_5 → Graphic Design Software

    TeamViewer is an excellent screen-sharing and file-transfer app that can be used to facilitate business collaborations, remotely access a second computer, or help distraught relatives diagnose and cure computer problems. Along with being free for noncorporate use, it gives users precisely the tools they need to share screens securely, send files with a minimum of hassle, control access rights, and even flip which user has control.
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    Size: 1.1 MB

    Connectify_1.2.0 → Networking Software

    Connectify is a free Windows 7 application that turns your laptop or home computer into a real WiFi hotspot to share the Internet with friends, co-workers, and mobile devices. Connectify allows you to take any Internet connection and share it wirelessly with no additional hardware, wires, plugs, or chargers. You can then easily connect any number of WiFi enabled devices to your personal network including laptops, phones, gaming systems, and more. WiFi enabled devices can see and join your Connectify hotspot just like any other WiFi access point and are kept safe and secure by rock solid WPA2 Encryption. So don't break the bank paying for multiple WiFi connections on the road, Connectify is free and can actually save you money.
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    NetSetMan_3 → Networking Software

    NetSetMan is a network settings manager which can easily switch between 6 different profiles including IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, Win server, computer name, printer, DNS domain, workgroup, and scripts. It also can get current settings and do a FastSwitch from the tray bar. With only two mouse clicks you can activate a saved profile and it is easy to use and very powerful.
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    Size: 7.4 MB

    Linkman_Lite_7.9.0 → Networking Software

    Free Video to JPG Converter is a tool to make video snapshots and extract frames from video files to JPG files with one mouse click. It is an ideal tool to make photo galleries from your home video. You can extract for example every hundredth video frame or frames in every 10 seconds.
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    Size: 14.3 MB

    CursorFX_2 → Desktop Enhancements

    Sick of looking at that same old cursor? Us too. Click any of the animated 3D pointers on CursorFX to view the change before you even close the app. CursorFX starts you off with a handful of well-designed cursors, from the prim, sleek arrow replacement to a lightsaber look-alike or a grinding gear. More freebies await in Stardock's online user gallery.
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    Size: 13.9 MB

    Free_Video_to_JPG_Converter_1.8 → Video Software

    Free Video to JPG Converter. Extract frames from video files to JPG files with one mouse click.It is an ideal tool to make photo galeries from your home video. You can extract for example every hundredth video frame or frames in every 10 seconds. Very fast and easy.
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    WinContig_1 → System Utilities

    Defragmenting files and folders on your hard drive is necessary to keep your system in check, but the whole process can take a long time and can put your computer out of commission while in use. WinContig is a different kind of defragmentation tool, offering options for defragmenting specific files rather than the entire disk. We found it easy to use and surprisingly fast.
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    Size: 3.8 MB

    XP_Firewall_Commander_4.1.0 → Security Software

    XP Firewall Commander is an easy to use control interface for your Windows XP built-in firewall which lets you add and remove exceptions for programs and services so that they can receive inbound traffic. If you use no exceptions, you can still view Web pages, send and receive e-mail messages, or use an instant messaging program. XP Firewall Commander permits you to add a specific port and protocol (UDP or TCP) and a suitable port name.
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    Chatroulette_Desktop_2.0 → Internet software

    Chat live via Webcam with millions of people from all over the world. Chatroulette Desktop allows you to record memorable encounters so you can relive the moment whenever you want or upload the videos directly to YouTube and share your experience with all your friends.
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    Google_Chrome_5.0.375 → Internet software

    In slightly more than a year, Google Chrome has surprised users and critics alike by acquiring a skyrocketing percentage of the browser market share. That attention and heavy usage is not undeserved. Chrome 5 is blazingly fast, more stable than previous versions, and introduces support for extensions, better bookmark syncing and management, browser preference syncing, and further HTML5 innovations.
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    Size: 1.6 MB

    Skype_4.2.0 → Internet software

    A popular and preeminent VoIP communication client, Skype has been steadily adding the features it had stripped out of a major 4.0 update--like call transferring, Skype Access for Wi-Fi hotspots, accessibility provisions, birthday alerts, and the ability to send a contact to other Skype users. Version 4.2 also claims back-end tweaks to ready the popular VoIP app for high-definition video calls, in conjunction with the user's HD Webcam.
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    AVG_Anti-Virus_Free_Edition_9.0 → Security Software

    AVG Free provides the bare necessities when it comes to security, but that should be enough for savvy Windows users. You'll get a combined antivirus and antimalware engine, LinkScanner, and e-mail scanning.
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    uTorrent_2.0 → Internet Software

    Small enough to run off a USB key, but powerful enough to download any torrent in a jiffy (if it's got enough seeders), uTorrent 2.0 is easy on the eyes and smart on your network. The memory footprint for uTorrent is very small, and system resources are barely touched. While you're torrenting, you shouldn't be surprised to find that other programs that use your Internet connection slow down, but the latest version of uTorrent has an answer to that. Called uTorrent Protocol, or uTP, it's a built-in throttling that detects network congestion and slows down the torrent until the traffic jam has dissipated.
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    Size: 18.6 MB

    VLC_Media_Player_1 → Video Software

    VLC Media Player is a long-time open-source favorite, and the latest version is also the first to be out of beta development. Along with multiple improvements, VLC continues to offer robust support for a wide range of video and audio formats, including OGG, MP2, MP3, MP4, DivX, HD codecs like AES3, Raw Dirac, and even support for playing back zipped files.
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    DivX_7 → Video Software

    With the advent of high-definition video, many people are finding that programs like Windows Media Player just aren't good enough anymore. HD video demands a player that can do it justice, and DivX 7 for Windows handles this task formidably.

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      Size: 3.1 MB

      Internet_Download_Manager_5.19_build_3 → Internet Software

      Internet Download Manager is a full-featured package that handles downloading tasks with aplomb. It conveniently integrates into your browser, even if you use Mozilla or Opera. It automatically sorts incoming files by file type and puts them in the appropriate folder. Other features include automatic virus checking and the ability to download all files linked to a page. The new version has a Web spider that can analyze a site and retrieve, for example, all the images on it.
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      Size: 7.1 MB

      PrimoPDF_5.1.0 → Graphic Design Software

      PrimoPDF converts just about any file type to a PDF, using the print command from the source program the file was created in. In the latest version, the program comes with desktop icon that you can drag and drop files onto for quick conversion, as well as performance improvements and minor changes throughout the program.
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      Size: 1.5 MB

      WinRAR_64-bit_3 → Utilities

      WinRAR offers the features and ease of use that place it at the top of the compression category, it is easy to use, lightweight, and flexible. WinRAR offers unpacking support for a large number of archive formats, including TAR, ACE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, and ZIP. WinRAR's advanced features are icing on the cake, with Unicode support for international formatting, embedded file comments, damaged archive repair, archive locking, self-extracting archives, and easy encryption.
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      Size: 2.6 MB

      iGetMusic_Pro_1.0 → MP3 & Audio Software

      Looking for a way to build your iPod music collection automatically without having to spend time ripping CDs or downloading MP3s? iGetMusic will grow your music collection automatically with access to 6 million songs - free and legally - by recording from popular music services such as AOL Radio and Yahoo! Launchcast. iGetMusic songs are full length without missing anything at the beginning or ending - essentially as if copied directly from a CD. Songs are automatically named and tagged with 100% accurate Title, Artist and Album information. Album covers can be automatically saved as well. Songs are stored in the AAC Plus (m4a) format which offers the same audio quality as MP3 at half the file size thus doubling the number of songs you can put on your iPod.
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      Size: 26.1 MB

      Adobe_Reader_9 → Document Management Software

      The new Adobe version adds the ability to play back embedded multimedia files in MP3, QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, Real, and Windows Media formats, as well as to submit Adobe PDF forms. It also replaces some of the icons in the default interface with optional, dockable toolbars. You might as well install this now before a Web site you visit prompts you to download it, because you'll need it.
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      Size: 15.5 MB

      PhotoScape_3 → Digital Photo Software

      PhotoScape is a feature-rich freeware image editor that is perfect for those making the jump between JPEG and am-pro dSLR work. It supports RAW, as well as all other major image formats from JPEG and PNG to animated GIFs. It comes with prebuilt templates for users to create photo collages, fumetti, and Web comics, and has a standard set of red-eye removal, light/shadow, and contrast-editing features.
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      Size: 11.5 MB

      Download_Accelerator_Plus_9.4.0 → Internet Software

      This download manager brings much more to the table than fast file transfers, but it definitely delivers those, too. Increased download speeds are Download Accelerator Plus's bread and butter, speeding up downloads by almost 200 percent in most cases and occasionally as high as 400 percent. Besides splitting files into smaller pieces, it thrives on automatically seeking faster mirrors. It also can get a file simultaneously from several sites, which is useful if a particular site limits the download speed; it can resume downloads; and it can preview some media files while downloading.
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      Size: 841.4 KB

      Spoken_English_2 → Educational Software

      Many people say that English is the hardest language to learn if you were not born in a primarily English speaking home. English is the most common language spoken all over the globe and in order to do business deals or travel to foreign lands those who do not know how to speak English need to do so. Knowing the English language will help people travel more easily and be able to communicate with others from different backgrounds. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com.
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      Size: 2.8 MB

      Desktop_iCalendar_Lite_1 → Productivity Software

      Desktop iCalendar Lite is a free desktop calendar for windows. It allows you to manage your events, to-do list on desktop. It allows subscribing public Google Calendar, such as holidays, election or NBA. It is full customizable. A build in skin editor makes it easy to set the skin by your own taste. Desktop iCalendar is full compatible with iCalendar standard, and can work with the calendars created by Thunderbird Lightning, Sunbird. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com.
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      Size: 3.7 MB

      doPDF_Free_PDF_Converter_7.0 → Graphic Design Software

      doPDF is a fairly basic program that's utterly bereft of features beyond its main function: to let users create PDF documents from within any program using the native Print option. Along with whatever printer you've got hooked up that shows up in the Print dialog box, doPDF adds an eponymous option. Select it, hit print, and you get the chance to change the name of the PDF you're creating. Hit enter and the PDF gets created, then automatically opens for you to proofread it.
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      Size: 7.1 MB

      Hulu_Downloader_2.4.1 → Internet Software

      We've seen quite a few programs that promise to capture Internet content in one way or another, and more often than not, these programs disappoint. Hulu Downloader, however, actually delivers an effective and fairly easy-to-use set of tools for capturing and converting online Flash videos, such as those found on Hulu, YouTube, and other popular Web sites.
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      Size: 11.9 MB

      Camfrog_Video_Chat_5.5 → Video Software

      CamFog is perfect mix of video, audio, and text socializing. The chat rooms feature everything from music lessons to sign language to non-English chatting, and integrating video, audio, and text components are a great leap forward for chat . You can create your own chat room and password-protect it, and the Contacts list has a section for favorite rooms and one-click contact adding, user searching, and profile management.
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      Size: 1.2 MB

      Google_Earth_5.1.3533 → Educational Software

      The latest version of Google Earth continues to set the mapping paradigm. Accessible enough for casual users, Google has added features that make it a necessity for those whose topographic desires are more serious. Although Google Ocean is the big newsmaker in version 5, you can also check out the surface of our nearest neighbor, Mars, as well as incorporating historical Earth maps.
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      Size: 13.2 MB

      WinZip_14.0_build_9029 → Utilities

      With version 14 of this venerable archiving tool, WinZip aims specifically at Windows 7 compliance and enhancements, and adds a few other new features, too. WinZip in Windows 7 gets extensive support for libraries, tools, and recent archives in the jumplist, previews in Windows Explorer for certain file types, and basic touch-screen support. Multitouch support is limited to rotating pictures previewed from WinZip archives.
    • 40
      Size: 1.1 MB

      Free_PDF_To_Word_Doc_Converter_1 → Business Software

      Converting PDFs to Word-compatible formats while not paying for the privilege nor getting scammed can feel a bit like herding cats. Free PDF to Word Doc Converter gets a few things wrong, but eventually will land you the DOC output you want.
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      Size: 19.9 MB

      Media_Player_Codec_Pack_v_3.9 → Video Software

      The Media Player Codec Pack is a simple to install package of codecs/filters/splitters used for playing back music and movie files. After installation you will be able to play 99.9% of files through your media player, along with XCD's, VCD's, SVCD's and DVD's. Also included in the package are a number of encoder codec's...
    • 42
      Size: 24.5 MB

      Windows_Media_Player_11 → Video Software

      Get fast and flexible digital-media playback with access to smart organization features and online stores.
    • 43
      Size: 5.9 MB

      GOM_Media_Player_2.1.21 → Video Software

      GOM Media Player supports a wide range of file, supported formats include DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, and MOV, as are common codecs like FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, and H263. A pop-out playlist can save and organize your various media files, though the limited sort modes--two--hardly makes it a champ. More impressive are the customizable settings on the control panel. Here you can adjust a video's image brightness, hue, and saturation. There's also a built-in screen-capture feature that includes zooming and panning, customizable themes, hot keys, and a host of preset and adjustable audio controls.
    • 44
      Size: 4.8 MB

      FLV_Player_2.0 → Video Software

      FLV Player's exceedingly simple controls allow you to navigate backward and forward through videos and play them in a loop. You can also adjust the volume, mute it, and adjust the size of the player. The Settings menu provides some basic control over program behavior, such as opening a new player window when double-clicking on an FLV file and remembering previous settings.
    • 45
      Size: 1.3 MB

      IrfanView_4 → Digital Photo Software

      This image viewer and editor is simple, fast, and free for individual use. The program lets you open and edit images, as well as multiple media formats. You can cut and crop images, apply batch conversions, add, sharpen, or blur effects, create panoramas, and change color modes easily. The program continues to add support for an array of file formats and has plug-in support for most image, video, and sound formats, including MP3, AVI, audio CD, and WMA.
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      Size: 3.6 MB

      UltraISO_Premium_9.3.6 → MP3 & Audio Software

      Highly versatile and especially proficient with boot discs, UltraISO Premium creates, edits, and burns disc images in several popular formats: ISO, BIN, Nero, Alcohol, CloneCD, and Xbox. It also converts images among formats. UltraISO supports data and audio/video discs and includes a simple MP3 encoder, but it really excels at creating bootable discs. It even can create a disc with a menu for booting several OSs.
    • 47
      Size: 1.5 MB

      PowerISO_4 → MP3 & Audio Software

      PowerISO disc-imaging utility software lets you mount virtual drives, create bootable discs, and generate CD and floppy images. It supports a huge number of image formats, including standard ISO and IMG files as well as files created by almost all popular disc-burning programs such as Nero, CloneCD, and Alcohol120%.
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      Size: 18.0 MB

      LimeWire_5.4 → Internet Software

      From its start as a post-Napster clone to its leading role as the quintessential Gnutella client, LimeWire is the highest-profile P2P application. Version 5 re-envisions LimeWire for a Web 2.0 world, with an emphasis on sharing with friends, square buttons with rounded corners, and overall a cleaner interface.
    • 49
      Size: 1.7 MB

      mIRC_6 → Communications

      mIRC is a full featured Internet Relay Chat client for Windows that can be used to communicate, share, play or work with others on IRC networks around the world, either in multi-user group conferences or in one-to-one private discussions. It has a clean, practical interface that is highly configurable and supports features such as buddy lists, file transfers, multi-server connections, SSL encryption, proxy support, UTF-8 display, customizable sounds, spoken messages, tray notifications, and message logging.
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      Size: 197.0 KB

      JLC's_Internet_TV_1 → MP3 & Audio Software

      JLC's Internet TV is a program for watching and browsing thousands of TV channels freely available on the Internet. It's probably the biggest and most up to date database of channels ever, and users are able to submit, rate and flag channels. And with the new flagging and rating system you'll easily see which channels works and which is worth to watch and our goal is to bring you the best online TV experience out there.

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        Size: 5.1 MB

        Super_MP3_Download_3.3.4 → MP3 & Audio Software

        Super MP3 Download is easy-to-use software which enables you to fast download over 100 million MP3 for free from the largest download network and unlimitedly listen to music online before you download them. You can try the searched results to decide which one to download. Super MP3 download always brings you the hottest songs in the world; it recommends you the USA Airplay Hot 100 each week and lists the hottest songs of 14 categories, from electrical to religious, mainstream to indie, hip-hop to classical. Besides, you can do advanced search by artist, title, album, and edition. You can even choose specific edition of live, piano, and guitar.
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        Size: 619.7 KB

        Free_PDF_Downloader_1 → Educational Software

        This is an easy-to-use eBooks search and download tool. It allows you to search millions of PDF files from Internet. It's so powerful because it's based on big Google. As easy as 1-2-3. You search it, drag it and download it. Enjoy your reading with Internet huge free resource. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com.
      • 53
        Size: 31.8 MB

        Nero_9_Lite_9.4 → CD Burners

        Nero 9 Lite claims to be a full-service CD burning program. While it looks like a great tool for burning data and music disks, its trial limits kept us from truly finding out what it can do.
      • 54
        Size: 5.0 MB

        Photo_Story_3_for_Windows_3.0.1115 → Digital Photo Software

        Bring your digital photos to life with Photo Story 3 for Windows. Create a photo slideshow of your life's most memorable moments. You can capture your memories just the way you want them - with the a single click, you can touch-up, crop or rotate pictures. It's that easy. Then, add stunning special effects, sountracks and personalize your stories with titles and captions. The file size makes it easy to send your photo stories in an e-mail or take them with you on a Window Mobile based portable device. Start sharing your stories today.
      • 55
        Size: 8.7 MB

        Photo_Flash_Maker_Free_5 → Digital Photo Software

        Photo Flash Maker free version is a light-weight and easy-to-use flash creator. With this freeware, you can create flash slideshows with photos and music, in only a few steps. Photo Flash Maker (free version) provides user-friendly interface, ready-for-use flash templates and effects, and more features. With Photo Flash Maker free version, you can create gorgeous photo flash slideshows in SWF format for watching on computer, burn the gift CD/DVD.
      • 56
        Size: 297.1 KB

        Advanced_IP_Scanner_1 → Networking Software

        Advanced IP Scanner is a fast, robust, and easy-to-use LAN scanner for Windows. It lets you have various types of information about local network computers in a few seconds. It gives you one-click access to many useful functions such as remote shutdown and wake-up, Radmin (remote control software) integration, and more. Powered with multithread scan technology, this program can scan hundreds of computers per second, allowing you to scan C or B class networks even with a modem connection.
      • 57
        Size: 8.3 MB

        WeFi_3.9 → Networking Software

        Easily find and connect to the best WiFi around you at all times and help support a Free WiFi Community. By connecting, users share WiFi connectivity information with others. The more users, the easier it is for all to find and enjoy fast, reliable, and free WiFi.
      • 58
        Size: 37.0 MB

        Microsoft_Office_Compatibility_Pack_for → Business Software

        By installing the Compatibility Pack in addition to Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003, you will be able open, edit, and save files using the file formats new to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007. The Compatibility Pack can also be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003, Excel Viewer 2003, and PowerPoint Viewer 2003 to view files saved in these new formats.
      • 59
        Size: 3.7 MB

        Total_Video_Player_1 → Video Software

        Total Video Player is a media player supporting 3gp, Mp4, H264, Flv and all other popular video and audio formats (Mp3, Wma, Ogg, Mpeg-1,Mpeg-2) as well as DVDs, CD Audio and Swf Flash Files. Not need install any video codecs with this small size's tool to play almost any media formats. Version 1.31 has GUI enhancements and bug fixes.
      • 60
        Size: 591.7 KB

        Power_DVD_Player_2 → Video Software

        This application was designed to be a simple player that can find and install correct codec if you don't have on your machine and play DVD disc. Power DVD Player is simple to use and easy to install. Allowing you to open and play DVD video disc.
      • 61
        Size: 1.8 MB

        PhotoFiltre_6.4.0 → Digital Photo Software

        Finally there's a free image editor worth reviewing. So many Photoshop wannabes have failed to live up to expectations, which admittedly are high. But PhotoFiltre stands on its own as a basic, capable image editor.
      • 62
        Size: 2.6 MB

        TweetDeck_0.33 → Internet Software

        The dark gray TweetDeck beta is one of the more attractive Twitter desktop apps out there. With it, you're able to engage with Twitter tweets much as you can on Twitter.com, and then some. TweetDeck beta, for one, also lets you follow friends' Facebook and MySpace status updates. It shares some similarities with Seesmic Desktop in its default tri-column view, which you can also shrink down to a single column. The requisite filtering buttons and other management tools help keep your in-box tidy. Like other Twitter apps, TweetDeck beta shortens links and manages pictures. You can block and unfollow contacts, even reporting them as spam.
      • 63
        Size: 1.3 MB

        VideoSlurp_YouTube_Downloader_1 → Internet Software

        YouTube seems to have become a way of life for many Internet users. The worldwide video-sharing network is among the most popular sites anywhere. VideoSlurp YouTube Downloader promises to let users save their favorite films to their hard drive and view them whenever they want.

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